Systemic infectious processes, metabolic disorders and genetic pathologies can provoke the development of the disease. The main causes of inflammation up to 5 years of age are injuries (birth, ankle damage during early standing) and genetic defects that affect the synthesis of Synthroid and muscle tissues. The main causes of the disease.

The causes of inflammation can be: Ankle injuries. Sprain and dislocation of the ankle can lead to chronic injury and the development of an aseptic form of the disease. Open injuries (wounds, abrasions, cuts) lead to infection directly in the area of ​​the bursa and to acute purulent inflammation. Excessive load on the tendon and synovial bag. An increased load on the friction area of ​​the tendon is created with the same movements of the ankle and foot (pedaling a bicycle, running, long hike, etc.). Excess weight increases pressure on the synovium and the risk of injury to the ligaments. Wearing uncomfortable shoes. The choice of shoes that are too small or with a too hard heel causes compression of Levothyroxine pills and an increase in the load on the synovial cavity.